When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed within 2-3 business days from when the order was received. Orders placed after 5 PM are considered next day.

Do you offer pick up or delivery?

Yes! We offer both local pick up & delivery for all items.

Where are you located?

We are located on 7 Mile Road NE in Belding, though we are actually closer to Rockford & Lowell. We are approximately 35 minutes from Fulton Street Market and 40 minutes from Downtown Grand Rapids.

Where do you deliver?

We currently offer delivery to the following zip codes: 48809, 49301, 49331, 49503, 49505, 49506, 49525, 49546

How will I be notified that my order is ready?

We require all pick up and delivery orders to include a phone number & email address. You will be notified by both text & email when your order is ready and to schedule a time to deliver or pick up.*

*We require scheduling a window for pick up & delivery to keep your orders safe from inclement weather and to ensure delivery. We do not leave orders out unattended.

If something comes up and I can’t pick up can you ship instead?

Yes! We have free local shipping on all jewelry and perfume and select accessories. Unfortunately due to the high weight we cannot ship candles for free at this time.

Do you do custom orders for the clay jewelry?

Due to the amount of time needed for personalized colors and designs I (Maggie) am no longer accepting custom orders. Each color palette takes me approximately 4-10 to mix. I strive to make each color & tone cohesive  within the design which requires a significant time commitment. I cannot keep prices for custom orders within our current range and add on additional labor and materials. 

I do offer small alterations to current designs like changing out chain styles, shortening or lengthening, changing out the ear posts to accommodate style preferences, sensitivities, and allergies, as well as adding on or removing charms, crystals, or existing clay pieces. 

Do you sell in any retails stores?

We currently have a small retail space within The Arts Marketplace at Studio Park, downtown Grand Rapids.

I (Maggie) am a vendor at Fulton Street Market and am there most Saturdays during second season (November-April, 10-1) and Wednesdays and Fridays during the main season (8-2). 

Saturdays during the main season are lottery based for artisans. Depending on booth availability for that week artists are entered into a raffle for that Saturday market. While I make it a priority to show up for the Saturday artisan lottery we are not guaranteed spots. If I do get a booth I post on Instagram stories that I will be vending that day. 

I typically take off the 2-3 weeks after Christmas to rest, recharge, and create after the busy market and holiday season. During second season if weather is particularly cold, windy, or unsafe I do not attend the market. My jewelry designs and perfumes (with exception to the solid perfumes) are lightweight and easily blow away or fall over in high winds. 

Additional markets are announced on Instagram stories and posts throughout market season (May-December). 

Why don’t you have all online items at the markets?

Most markets here in West Michigan are artisan markets and require that the vendor be the market/artist of those products. While we carry many phenomenal handmade and slow-made goods online, I (Maggie) make the handmade clay jewelry, the tarot solid beeswax perfumes, and tarot perfume oils. My friend Jodi, owner & creator of Paige Soy Candles, and I recently collaborated and turned a select number of the tarot perfumes into soy candles, also available at local markets. 

Who is ‘we?’ Who’s behind Leo+Lore?

Leo+Lore was created by artist, educator, and gardener Maggie Livengood. I (Maggie) started making handmade clay jewelry while teaching elementary art. Due to some health concerns I left teaching and expanded my small batch jewelry into an online shop and now flower farm with my husband, Ben. We work together on our flower farm and you will see Ben around at the market running our flower booth. He also helps me with orders and delivery during our busy seasons. 

Who’s the Leo? Where did the name come from?

We’ve actually gone through two previous names since starting in 2019. I originally named my jewelry business Livengood Lifestyles because I wanted to incorporate my passion for art education and creative living into my jewelry design. My dad, Larry Livengood, passed when I was 19 and the LL is a little nod to him and the impact he and my family had on my artistic development. As Ben and I planned for the future we always knew we wanted to have a flower farm, but it seemed like a faraway dream. When I finally made the leap to hire a graphic designer we decided to plan for that future and changed the name to Cedar Moon, a nod to the natural world and the celestial inspiration. As we started growing we ran into a few hiccups and lessons and decided to change our name once again (for the final time!) and landed on Leo+Lore for the shop and our flower farm is Midnight Gardens by Leo+Lore. We went back to the ‘LL’ from the first name and added in a few extra layers of meaning.

While neither one of us is Leo sun (although Ben is a Leo rising!), Leo represents the lion in my favorite movie as a kid, The Wizard of Oz. Leo is a symbol for the extreme courage and leap of faith I’ve taken to start this venture and put myself out there - the fear of being seen is still one I’m overcoming daily.

Lore comes from ‘folklore’ or storytelling. When we were kids my family would sit around the campfire and make up stories, each person taking a turn to add the next twist and turn or character. My dad was an exceptional storyteller, and I’ll always remember his bedtime story of Roxanne, the girl with eyelashes so long she had to tie them behind her head in a bow to keep her eyes open. (Inspired by my American Girl doll, Samantha, who slept next to me on my pillow.) He also told us the tale of Pencil Head Geek, a lanky pencil who once went skiing, but tumbled over himself and fell down the mountain, ending up point first stuck in a tree trunk. Pizza Face Man was the detective who, as you guessed it, had a pizza for a face. His head was flat and although it made life quite difficult at times, it served him well when on stake outs. He’d slide his head under the door and get all of the information he needed. 

Storytelling and folklore has impacted me in so many profound ways over the years. Fables, myths, and legends have always captured my attention, and I fell in love with the magic and mystery of fantasy worlds. When curating the shop I make it my mission to find unique and meaningful goods that add richness, depth, and magic to our lives. I believe wholeheartedly in finding and celebrating the magic in the mundane, creative self-expression, heart-centered connections, and balancing emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being - a lesson I’m still learning, but will hopefully one day master.