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Phantom Row Soy Wax Melts

Phantom Row Soy Wax Melts

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Savor Phantom Row’s signature scents in a new form without the flame. All you need is a wax melter/warmer and a few editions of our wax tarts to release their sensory magic: our original scent concoction AND a mesmerizing wax pool of glimmering gold & pearl sparkle. Our sleeve of 12 soy wax tarts holds 3.2 oz of wax — more than the standard 6-pc clamshell mold, which typically holds 2.75 oz.

Scent Options:

01. COTTAGE BY THE SEA | Fresh & floral

02. COZY BAKERY | Gourmand & fruity

03. EDINBURGH LIBRARY | Earthy & woody

04. ENCHANTED FOREST | Earthy, woody & fresh

05. FAIRY SPRINGS | Herbal & fresh

06. GILDED COAST | Gourmand, earthy & woody

07. MYSTIC MARKET | Warm & spicy

08. SACRED GROVE | Fruity & fresh

09. SOUTHERN GOTHIC | Floral, earthy & woody

10. VELVET BOUDOIR | Fruity, warm & spicy

11. WITCHING HOUR | Warm & spicy, earthy & woody

Made with 100% soy wax.

Fragrance oils are phthalate-free and cruelty-free.


Scent Stories

Cottage by the Sea 

Warm winds and salty sea air travel through your garden to greet you at the front door. Fresh rain and earth mix with the fruits and florals of green leaves, pear, ozone, pineapple, cedar & lilac to assure you — you’re home.

* SCENT FAMILY: fresh, floral

* KEY NOTES: green leaves, pear, ozone, pineapple, cedar, lilac

Cozy Bakery

After a long week, the corner bakery beckons. You take refuge inside where black tea, black currant, lemon, spruce & vanilla chase all worries out the door behind you. Time ceases to exist in a plush seat with a treat and soft conversation.

* SCENT FAMILY: gourmand, fruity

* KEY NOTES: black tea, black currant, vanilla, lemon, spruce

Edinburgh Library

It’s a snug afternoon among old books and a crackling fireplace. Soft rain patters across mossy cobblestone streets outside while, in your library, the aroma of leather, smoke and sage find balance with earthy oakmoss, amber, lavender & orange.

* SCENT FAMILY: earthy + woody

* KEY NOTES: leather, smoke, sage, oakmoss, amber, lavender, orange

Enchanted Forest

You step into a curious wood of magical creatures and dark wood dwellers hidden by the cypress, evergreen, and fir trees. The flora envelopes you in sweetness, while patchouli, amber & smoke compel you down the path to adventure.

* SCENT FAMILY: earthy + woody, fresh

* KEY NOTES: cypress, evergreen, fir, patchouli, amber, smoke

Fairy Springs

The heroine stumbles upon a clearing with glowing waters. She’s fatigued, but feels lucky — it’s a fairy spring. She drops into the pool of eucalyptus, shea, peppermint, rosemary, coconut & vanilla. With each passing second, she heals.

* SCENT FAMILY: herbal, fresh

* KEY NOTES: eucalyptus, shea, peppermint, rosemary, coconut, vanilla

Gilded Coast

Ghosts of seafarers from eras past croon across the roaring waves. Their industrial legacy lingers in the bones of the glistening pier, where smoke, tobacco and sandalwood marry the sweet frivolities of coconut milk, tonka bean & honey.

* SCENT FAMILY: gourmand, earthy + woody

* KEY NOTES: smoke, tobacco, sandalwood, coconut milk, tonka bean, honey

Mystic Market

The nocturnal event begins. Clairvoyants and oracles, mages and crystal-gazers offer their goods before a curious crowd. The luminous moon blurs as hazy charms of patchouli, nag champa, amber, juniper, dark musk & gin drift into the night.

*SCENT FAMILY: warm + spicy

*KEY NOTES: patchouli, nag champa, amber, juniper, dark musk & gin

Sacred Grove 

In the garden of the gods, perfection blooms. Golden oranges, grapefruit and mint, vibrant in color and texture, mingle with vanilla, cypress, pine & peach. Seduced wanderers grasp at the fruits, blind to what pains, or pleasures, may follow.

*SCENT FAMILY: fruity, fresh

*KEY NOTES: orange, grapefruit, mint, vanilla, cypress, pine, peach

Southern Gothic

Fresh rose, carnation and violet mix in a melody with streetcar dings and pristine manors. But an aura of intrigue haunts with teakwood, peppercorn & leather, for the gnarled trees weep and the bayou breathes in the shadows of the south.

*SCENT FAMILY: floral, earthy + woody

*KEY NOTES: rose, carnation, violet, teakwood, peppercorn & leather

Velvet Boudoir

After years separated by war and duty, two lovers reunite. They meet at the boudoir, sultry and sumptuous with rich fabrics and candlelight, the air filled with sweet plum, black cherry, sugar, musk, chamomile & freesia. 

* Scent Family: fruity, warm + spicy

* Key Notes: plum, black cherry, sugar, musk, chamomile, freesia

Witching Hour

The sun sinks behind bramble and crooked trees that hide the wood witch’s home. While the world sleeps, her chimney puffs alluring clouds of black violet, ginger, bergamot, saffron, raspberry & vetiver as her potion reaches treacherous heights.
* SCENT FAMILY: warm + spicy, earthy + woody

* KEY NOTES: black violet, ginger, bergamot, saffron, raspberry, vetiver



• Made in United States

• Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 5.5″ (12.7 x 12.7 x 14 cm)

• Weight: 4 oz (113.4 g)




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